ISSN: 9861-2076

Keywords : Iraq

Money effectiveness for Iraq central Bank

Yosef A. Al Asadi; Naeem S. Jarah

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 8, Issue 15, Pages 157-189

Central bank plays a crucial role in effective on economic activity and normally that effectiveness has been different among states according to its economic system nature, The degree of development as well as the central bank independency and monetary tools which is using.
The most important factors which effect on the central bank monetarism effectiveness is the extent to its operational target and economic structural as well as the nature of central bank tools for the degree of response of central bank toward economic changes reflect the effectiveness of central bank and its higher degree means higher effectiveness and vice versa.
The talking about Iraqi central bank and the fiscal policy relate with a many changes that effect-generally- on the performance of central bank and Specially on its fiscal policy .
Because a very difficult circumstances have done on the political and economic level which contribute to the weaken of central bank role. The wars which destroyed the infrastructures of Iraq economy and put back the humanity and economic development process for the losing to a great amount of human and natural resources and the embargo which is caused many economic and social problems for,for instance of these problems the anticorruption and loss of many investments opportunities and the change of political system after April 2003 which is caused to delete many laws that was managed fiscal monetary policy.

Analysis of the reality of Iraqi consumer and the ways to protect

Shaker A. Hasan

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 25-48

The research deals with the historical development of international consumer protection movement, referring to the six consumer rights which are adapted by U.s. president john F.Kennedy in 1962 and in turn adopted in the decision of the UN General Assembly No. 248/39 as a basis for the eight consumer rights and to develop policies and legislation which related to protect him. Also the research discussed the reality of consumer protection association in the countries of the Arab world and analyzed in detail the various risks which faced Iraqi consumers and reached several conclusions and identified ways to protect it, particularly the activation of the Consumer Protection Act Iraq's number (1) for the year 2010 and support the role of each of the Central Council for Standardization and Quality Control and the ministries and relevant departments to protect and lead to the establishment of societies for protection, especially in major cities in Iraq such as Basra and Mosul.

Methodology Introductions in Filer of Strategic Development Attempts for Higher Education System in Iraq

Jwad K. Lafteh

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 144-177

Since seventies of the last century till now, the official attempts can't put an end to accelerated deterioration in the state of higher education system. That deterioration or the failed was a result of absence of methodology of Management science in dealing with system problems, but, because of abstention those attempts from using.
The scientific view in using managerial technology to develop higher education system in Iraq required methodology approach which allows to discover strategic stamp for the development process, as the problem of this research. Beside, it can attach the general features for the strategic development as an "system" which can be designed according to suitable conditions of technology of designing and carrying out.
We supposed two connected hypothesizes in the research to prove or denied them. The first is that the attempts to develop higher education are free from using technology of strategic management in curing and designing. The second, is those technologies provide the great methodology possibilities to cure and designing to that purpose.

the methodological approch for immigreation strategic management in Iraq

Jwad K. Lafteh

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 104-148

The research tackles, through critical approach, the methodological problem of the controversial relationship between formulating the components of strategic orientation on one hand and the success or failure opportunities of the strategic policies of organizations in managing complex social phenomena such as immigration and internal displacement. The Ministry of Migration and Displacement has been chosen as a case study to examine its strategic orientation in the field as well as approaching its methodological in formulating the components of its strategic orientation and developing its strategic policy. The research attempts to establish a methodological concept of how to formulate a strategic orientation through theoretical and practical approaches for the main topics of the research and suggesting a creative methodological way for developing a mechanism for the management of the strategic orientation of the organization as well as suggesting practical solutions for dealing with the problems resulted from the official organizational structure for dealing with immigration and displacement in Iraq.