ISSN: 9861-2076

Keywords : management

Effected Elctronic management in smart card

Anwar H.Taha

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 251-273

card the Central Bank Iraqi /Nineveh, and in the way that it enable the organization surveyed to support it performance through the use of this technology in their work.
researcher found an approach to the formation of the limits of the problem : - Does the administration contribute to facilitate the recruitment of electronic smart card in organization studied ?
the researcher adopted by a model hypothetical for the to search which reflects the content of the hypothesis search that started from the recognition of the existence of correlation and impact between the research variables (electronic management and smart card) the researcher hired to a number of statistical techniques (duplicates, multiple regression ,cluster analysis) of data collected using the questionnaire.
After analyzing the data the researcher reached same conclusions namely :there is not a correlation and found significant effect between the management and electronic in smart card, Based on these findings the researcher offered a number of proposals, including :in The organization studied provides surveyed infrastructure work smart card (international communication networks, Internet, databases) including access to the possibility to update the data at any time and continuously and perform calculations.

Electronic Reservation System : An Introduction to the E-management applications

Dr. Nawal Younis Mohammed; Harth Akram

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 102-143

The aim of this research is to know the electronic reservation system and its role in developing the electronic management. The research was applied on Iraqi air ways and was built on a diagram of research depending on main assumption which said :a proposal of a design for electronic reservation and the following steps of paying the fees of the ticket in Iraqi air ways which assist in applying the electronic management .we reach some important points mainly: the reservation will easy and needs no experience from the user to any computer languages . also the research includes some suggestions like the availability of computers to all the branches of Iraqi air ways and in good specification and that is really important to reduce the time and manpower needed and develop the efficiency of decision makers.

the methodological approch for immigreation strategic management in Iraq

Jwad K. Lafteh

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 104-148

The research tackles, through critical approach, the methodological problem of the controversial relationship between formulating the components of strategic orientation on one hand and the success or failure opportunities of the strategic policies of organizations in managing complex social phenomena such as immigration and internal displacement. The Ministry of Migration and Displacement has been chosen as a case study to examine its strategic orientation in the field as well as approaching its methodological in formulating the components of its strategic orientation and developing its strategic policy. The research attempts to establish a methodological concept of how to formulate a strategic orientation through theoretical and practical approaches for the main topics of the research and suggesting a creative methodological way for developing a mechanism for the management of the strategic orientation of the organization as well as suggesting practical solutions for dealing with the problems resulted from the official organizational structure for dealing with immigration and displacement in Iraq.