ISSN: 9861-2076

Volume 6, Issue 11

Volume 6, Issue 11, Spring 2014, Page 1-246

Energy management system (ISO 50001: 2011) and its role to improve performance in Iraqi Oil companies

Dr. Muslem A. Shebli; Abas A. Abdulabas

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 1-25

Oil became one of important source for the economy in both developing and developed countries. A matter which lead all to be interested in carrying a slogan of keeping and conserving the energy. It's well known that keeping and conserving of energy are related to environmental problems especially with regard to climate changes and the rise in temperatures. So it's necessary to respond positively for these issues despite the differences in energy need from time to time. The study aims to improve the performance of Oil organization by using energy management system (ISO 50001: 2011). The study conducted in some sites of South Oil company, these sites characterized by its technical nature. The researchers used a well judged questionnaire for data collection. The community of the study determined by some units and departments of South Oil Company in Basrah, directly related to research matter. Also 81 figures have been chosen as a random sample to represent the study community personnel. The study come up with a set of important results such as ( it can develop a integrated formula between energy management systems to improve the quality of Oil organization performance.

The Imbact of financing Policy for the Islamic Banks on the financial statements variables

Khadeeja K. Al- Tameeme

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 26-61

This study aimed to demonstrate the impact of financing and investment policy for the Islamic Bank on the financial statements of the bank and to identify elements that affected mainly by that policy, and the impact of this change on net income. Study relied descriptive method and analytical testing hypotheses and using statistical package analysis (SPSS) to extract the impact of the correlation between the independent variables (elements of financial statements) and the dependent variable (net income), depending on the financial statements of the bank research sample. study showed that the net income of the Bank study sample is affected positively by increased investment in Murabaha and participation and drafts of the Interior, as well as increase revenue banking operations.

The Impact of Management by Walking Practice on the Effectiveness of Decision-Making Process: An Empirical Study on the Jordanian Public Universities

Nidal S. Al- Hawamdeh; Amal M. Al-Edi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 62-101

This study aimed to demonstrate the impact of practicing management by walking on the effectiveness of decision-making process in Jordan's public universities.
To achieve the objectives of this study, a questionnaire was built and developed. It is consisted of two parts include (35) items to measure the dimensions of management by walking practicing, and (20) items to measure the effectiveness of decision-making process. The study sample was composed of (361) subjects, which represents of (51.35%) of the study population. The key findings of the study include:
1. The perceptions of managers in the Jordanian public universities for the management by walking practicing and its effectiveness on decision-making process came high.
2. A significant effect of management by walking practice dimensions (facts discovery, communication improvement, motivation, development and innovation, feedback) on the effectiveness of decision-making process was founded.
According to the previous results, the study has found a number of recommendations, notably:
Management methodology should be linked to roam in the mechanism of decision-making process harmonize with the strategic objectives set and to be achieved in the Jordanian public universities.

Electronic Reservation System : An Introduction to the E-management applications

Dr. Nawal Younis Mohammed; Harth Akram

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 102-143

The aim of this research is to know the electronic reservation system and its role in developing the electronic management. The research was applied on Iraqi air ways and was built on a diagram of research depending on main assumption which said :a proposal of a design for electronic reservation and the following steps of paying the fees of the ticket in Iraqi air ways which assist in applying the electronic management .we reach some important points mainly: the reservation will easy and needs no experience from the user to any computer languages . also the research includes some suggestions like the availability of computers to all the branches of Iraqi air ways and in good specification and that is really important to reduce the time and manpower needed and develop the efficiency of decision makers.

Introduce of Future Strategies for hedging and speculation

Dr. Jalel Kadim Madlool

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 144-194

was Attention at the subject of futures in efficient global markets ,was distinct , because its impact in the management of risk and minimize it as possible , as well as its importance in speculative and profits and consequent of the many benefits on an individual level or companies even at the level of the national economy. importance in this was mainly concentrated at the global level , where efficient financial markets while was confined to local level , which came studies were scarce and limited , which requires drew the attention of researchers to this field, and on this basis was this study to contribute to the definition of futures and strategy and related other financial vocabulary , which researcher hopes to be an element to fill some of the shortfall in the theoretical field or in our dear country .
Has sought researcher in this study to address in some detail to some theoretical aspects of futures and mechanisms contained as possible, the statement of the concept and dimensions of each of the hedging strategy and the strategy of speculation and component strategies as a strategy to increase revenue and strategy change a wallet, as well as the evaluation and measurement of these strategies to be applied in the local , through the adoption of sophisticated financial tools in the Iraqi environment where it is lacking entirely, study has adopted the private Iraqi insurance sector in all its companies ( private equity ) recorded in the Iraqi market for securities, for the years ( 2010 - 2011) as an area of study.
The research found to a number of conclusions, including: the possibility of applying hedging strategy in the area covered by searching against falling stock prices and capital in the field of investment , as well as lending and borrowing interest rates, with the possibility of applying a strategy speculative adoption of strategies subgroups , namely, a strategy to increase revenue and change strategy period wallet, which was built by some of the recommendations and proposals that benefit the research topic and how to apply it in the Iraqi environment.

Identify the Role of worker's in select leadership style

Dr.Sultan Ahmed Khleaf; Nawal Hazim Jasim

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 195-219

The workers In contemporary organizations are practice many activities that certain action and declare contributions in field work may be discovering rolling them in determine of styles that depending of leaders, this state motives the researchers to formulated the problem studying in framework questions :
Do worker's in organization sample study having effective opportunity that determine the style of leader's as well as the study depends questionnaire concerned with collected data study and sampling covering (68) individual from worker's in Central Bank Iraqi/ Nineveh.
The study reached to conclusion that represent the effect and relation between rolling worker's and leadership style.

Attitude of staff towards their company's privatization

Ahmed Mansour Almaimaree

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 6, Issue 11, Pages 220-246

This study aimed at exploring the attitudes of employees toward transferred the ownership of one Iraqi firm from public to private sector which is called Ninava International hotel company. To achieve the above mentioned objective , the researcher designed a questioner which distributed to one hundred employees, but we obtained only seventy sex(76%). We used descriptive statistical method in the percentage, average, standard deviation and T- test. The research findings show bad attitude toward privatization .