ISSN: 9861-2076

Volume 5, Issue 10

Volume 5, Issue 10, Autumn 2013, Page 1-283

The Impact of Intellectual Capital Management on the Market Trend of Egyptians Firms

Attef Jaber Taha Abdulrahem

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 1-45

The aim of this study is to identify the extent to which differences in effect Intellectual Capital Management on the level of trend in the market with Egyptian companies that ranked human resources on the basis of: (1) organizational characteristics (type, size and experience and performance), (2) characteristics of administrative life career. I have been collecting information through primary sources mediated questionnaire designed specifically for the purpose of study and secondary sources through the General Authority for the Egyptian capital market for the fiscal year 2010. The information was analyzed using the chi square test resulting from the employment of differential analysis method. One of the most important findings of the study includes:
1. The extent of the difference in the level of market orientation of Egyptian companies under study has to do with the importance of both these companies were classified according to the type of the sector to which it belongs, or practical experience or institutional performance, while there has nothing to do with the importance of if they are designated on the basis of size.
2. The extent of the difference in the level of trend in the market with Egyptian companies under study has to do with the importance if the classification of these companies on the basis of experience or educational level and quality for marketing managers which, while has no equal importance if it was classified on the basis of the age marketing managers.
The study found the following recommendations:
1. Increase the interest of the Egyptian companies' dimensions of market orientation, particularly companies that belong to the services and insurance sectors.
2. Interest in Egyptian companies when marketing managers set persons who are more experienced in marketing work.

The Intangible Assets which assembled internally and the Requirements for financial Reporting

Abbas H. Al Tememi; Abdulhuseen Al Saad

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 46-72

The internally generated intangibles assets represented naturally result for technology developments which control of the world. This kind of intangibles assets has been correlate power of entity and his feature, because its contain widely for creation process which is represent delight existence and immortality the entity via competition attribute which have these entities and which spends of the creations.
On this basis the creation process which live it the world on light competiton requirement bear expenditure research and development which inter to all items of internally generated intangibles assets like software and mark trade .

The Dimensions of the Health Service s Quality from the point view of the Beneficiaries

Wafaa Ali Sultan

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 73-118

The aim of this study was to know and evaluated the level of health services provided to beneficiaries in private hospitals in Basrah by measuring the dimensions of the quality of the services of (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, hospitality) using a form identifying the court and tested included six variables representing dimensions of quality health services. The research deepened on two main hypotheses:
1 - "is available in the hospitals in question keep quality health services"
2 - "There are significant differences in the quality of health services between hospitals."

And I have been used a number of statistical tools as means statistical mean ,standard deviation and coefficient of simple correlation and analysis of variance and the level of significance of the link. The study discover set of result, including the validity of the first hypothesis is available in some hospitals in question (al-Moussawi, Ibn Al-Bitar) dimensions of quality of health services as the study found the validity of the second hypothesis is that there are differences statistically significant in the field of quality of health services between hospitals civil. And light of the conclusions formulated a set of recommendations including the need to focus on the standards of quality health services in the civil hospitals and viewed as an integrated system of services.

The Finical Engineering Products to Develop and Activate the Securities Market Function

Noreen Bomdeen

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 119-147

This study aims mainly to highlight the importance of financial engineering products to enhance and develop the securities market as an important source of financing the economy. Where is the multiplicity and diversity of financial products traded on the stock market mainstay for its efficiency and its development. Because the diversity of financial products, the investor can reduce risk and increase returns, which would increase investment in the stock market.

The Impact of Environmental Survey and Controlling in Marketing Perception for the Environment of Specific Organization

Nabeel Hamed AL Saweedi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 148-192

The present research trays to clarify the relationship and impact the caused by the exploring activates of the specific environment. by the processes of controlling and survey those would be represented by customers and suppliers through marketing perception.
The importance of this research is to evaluate the status of the controlling and survey activities of the specific environment in tow Iraq organizations and their perception. It is an attempt to assess and show the nature of relationship and the effect among their variables through market perception.
Finally the research got to some conclusions and findings which have great connections with the work to those two organizations.

The Effectiveness Elements on Quality Auditing

Jumana H. Al Temmemi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 193-219

All professional and academic institution strive for quality audit profession is one of the most important profession in economic and political society ,we witness the collapse of states and institution because of the global financial crisis this collapse is partly due to the failure of control rule and the inability of control to identity the problems facing institution.
Close of have the spread of corruption (financial and managerial) there for pleas have risen to step up the quality of control. A major stone in the quality of audit is internal audit in teaching institutions ( Basra university ) .
This study is a response to such pleas by identifying the factors that influence the quality of control audit by analyzing the responses of professional and academics working in these institution and recommended that such factors is existed.
The study conclusion that , the internal control audit and academic working in accounting dep. ( sampling study ) already affirm on the factors that realization quality in audit working such as: organizational factors , behaviorism factors, personality factors and scientist factors

Reflection of Personal Changes In Self -Perception

Sendiya M. Al Hayali

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 220-242

Since the cognitive sense of self- Perception for direct through which to promote self-esteem of the same, trust and safety Intellectual independence and achievement and all this is linked to the reputation of the individual and the need to know its place, but it is rare to find a conscious "is not affected by previous experience, and often" is shown to influence the administrative work through the level and type of education which Received during his lifetime. Based on "from that study has illustrated the problem by provoking a series of research questions of the following:
1 - Do personal variables contribute to the administrative leadership in pointing to their self-perception?
2 - Are self-realization according to the correct paths to the administrative leadership in colleges researched?
In order to answer research questions above, and to measure correlations between offline study, the use of a number of statistical methods to data collected by questioner which was distributed to leaders in the colleges examined, and was to reach a set of conclusions of the most important:
1 - A cognitive process is of great importance to the administrative leadership in colleges examined, (University of Mosul), this is indicated by the arithmetic mean.
2 - Affected by the cognitive process of administrative leadership in colleges variables examined, the personal note "that this effect was mixed," This is what was approved by the results, as between the variable age is the most contribution "in promoting the cognitive process.
The study concluded a set of proposals for colleges examined,

The sequential effect Of (TQM) requirements and the organizational change to achieving competitive advantage

Basam M. Al Taei; Esraa W. Al Sabawi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10, Pages 243-283

The research aims present the statement of The the sequential effect of (TQM) requirements and the organizational change to achieve competitive advantage in the College of Hadbaa University, as is the concept of total quality management of the modern concepts that have emerged in the eighties of the last century and revolutionized the field of business because of its significant role in the enable organizations to achieve their objectives through the achievement of the objectives of the customer, and get the organization to achieve its objectives must be subjected to possess a competitive advantage apart from other organizations, as having a competitive advantage for the organization is by following a set of procedures and the application kit, and perhaps (TQM)requirements and organizational change is one of these tools, so researchers sought through this research is to employ both of (TQM)requirements and organizational change in order to achieve a competitive advantage for the organization. Given the failure of the two subjects in one study in the Iraqi environment in general and the environment, the province of Nineveh, in particular, have sought researchers to study the sequential effect of the variables of the research. In general, Ihor Find a number of questions related to the existence of perceptions about the concept of total quality management and its requirements on the one hand and the concept of organizational change hand, the concept of competitive advantage from a third party in the organization in question, has been building model search reflects its variables, and formulating research hypotheses and then test the research hypotheses by a set of statistical methods and through the statistical analysis, SPSS was used-resolution tool head for the collection of data and information necessary research sample and research has come to a conclusions in the light of the conclusions reached by the researchers provide a number of recommendations that are consistent with those conclusions..