ISSN: 9861-2076

Volume 5, Issue 9

Volume 5, Issue 9, Spring 2013, Page 1-248

The Effect of intellectual capital development on Strategic Information Systems Effectiveness in Food manufacturing Companies in Jeddah

Khalid M.A. Abo Khanem

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 1-36

This study aimed at examining the effect of Strategic Information Systems Effectiveness in Food manufacturing Companies in Jeddah. To achieve the objective of this study, a self administrated questionnaire was conducted to collect the data. It was developed and distributed to the society of the study which was composed of 401 respondents from the (8) Food manufacturing Companies. 328 answers valid for analyses were retrieved .To analyze the collected data, we used The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), and the most important findings were as follows:
1.The perceptions of employees in Food manufacturing Companies towards the level of intellectual capital development were at low level, whereas their perceptions towards the level of Strategic Information Systems Effectiveness were high.
2.There is an impact of the intellectual capital development (manufacturing, activating, preserve and interested in customers) on Strategic Information Systems Effectiveness in Food manufacturing Companies in Jeddah.
The study recommended to guide the managers of the companies on which the research was conducted, the necessity of linking the policies of attracting human resources to the standards of efficiency, through these companies' own systems. Besides, more attention should be paid to maintaining the intellectual capital by clarifying the service system in which the rights and duties and development opportunities are guaranteed, moreover, this study drew the attention to the necessity to urge researchers to hold a similar study in other industrial sectors, and studies on the development of intellectual capital, as well as the institutional performance and competitiveness.

The Effect Of Technological Characteristics of Banking Information And Banking Governance In Achieving The Behavioral Control

Akram M. Al Yaserry

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 37-71

The present search aims to determining the effect of technological Characteristics of Banking information And Governance in achieving behavioral control, And this is executed by depending on information features ( time ,content, form ) as the final outputs for information technology based on ( Bocij & et al, 2006:10 ;Haag&Philips,2007:6 ; Baltzan &Philips ,2008:178 ). Governance is represented by the following standards (Clarity, Efficiency & Transparency) due to Basle Committee decision related to enforcing governance standards in bank in 2006, the modern version is entitled (Enhancing Corporate Governance for Banking Organization). Behavioral control is expressed by (Culture, Motives, Boundaries) based on (Dess &et al , 2008:30).
The empirical information is obtained by way of a questionnaire prepared for this purpose and delivered to a sample composed of seven banks, three of them are governmental and four are local. The most important conclusion was there was an accord between searched banks about the benefits of aggregation of information technology and standards of governance to choice the correct control decisions based on accordant standards and good information, The study arrived to many recommendations which related with the present study.

Strategies to Enhancing employee engagement and their role in achieving high performance for business organizations

Husheem . F. Al abady

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 72-106

Based on the vital role played by the employee engagement to achieve the high performance in all its facilities and areas, as well as the great attention paid by the business organizations to prepare the core capabilities in human resource, the researchers discuss two important topics in the field of human resources management. They are employee engagement and high performance, both can achieve the excellence management.
It may be useful to note that one important key for high performance organizations is the individuals in the organization and the organizations should build the concept of the employee engagement and adopt it.
The current research examines the study of the strategies of employee engagement as an approach to achieve high performance in a sample of the Iraqi banking sector staff. The research sample is 105 employees. The research depends on essential hypothesis that represent the strategies of employee engagement are associated positively with the dimensions of high performance. The research uses (Armstron, 2009) measurement as a primary tool to collect the data and uses number of ways to prove the validity of research hypotheses.
The research concludes a set of conclusions, the most important, the banks are always looking to achieve high performance and thus find a way to get the competitive advantage in the banking sector, therefore the employee engagement and its strategies represent one method to achieve the high performance and thus to achieve the competitive advantage to other banks.

Estimation of the Relationship between the Revenues and Risks

Eez; Al- Dean. N. Anaanza

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 107-122

This paper examines the relationship between stock market returns and volatility and determining the ability of the market risk premium to compensate investors through last international financial crises, using daily return for Amman Stock Exchange Index (ASEI) over the period from 2005 through 2010 Using GARCH Model, the relationship between stock returns and variance was tested. Empirical evidence suggests that contemporaneous returns and volatilities for the ASEI significantly and positively correlated, and this finding consistent with the predictions of many assets pricing models.

The impact of Organizational obesity on job Decortication

Sultan Ahmed Khleaf

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 123-147

Temporary organizations faced contingencies which It Barriers of following activates with righting from that allocated in framework of organizational obesity that concerned with recruitment of a large number of workers in the field of job that's aims of hiring an reinforcement of organization with new blood as well as response of requirements of workers misemployment. Infect nightfall of many dilemmas such as rumoring of loafing and down level of productivity that warning of organizational problem founding that represented the job is nearing with a desertification measuring of greening.
Depending that problem study Declaring in Question Involving Do organizational obesity leaving positive effects in position job that it making is the source of dryness. The study depended Questionnaire that’s tool collecting of data concerned with phenomena of study as well as using of statistical methods.
The study reaching of main concluding organizational obesity learning differentiates effects of dimensions desertification job in allocation of field study.

The role of marketing intelligence system to improve time management of the minor administrative leadership

Buthayna Loqman Ahmed

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 148-182

The research is intended to identify the role of marketing intelligence system to improve time management of the minor administrative leadership in the Factory of children's clothes in Mosul. The research focuses on a problem that can be identified in two questions. 1) What are the components that representing the marketing intelligence system in the organization being researched, and how these components reflect their impact on time management? 2) What are the relationship and the impact between marketing intelligence system and time management. Also, the research is supported by a virtual model based on a hypothesis stating that (there is a relationship and an impact between marketing intelligence system and time management). The research has been tested by using statistical methods and iterative kaltoseat mathematical circles and standard deviations for the description and diagnosis of the research as well as the use of plants correlation and simple and multiple repression and cluster analysis. The research found a set of conclusions that confirm the spirit of most of the a range of proposal necessary for research community the most important of which was to build marketing intelligence system structured and integrated in order to provide senior management with all the correlations and the effect indicated by the research hypothesis. The research has include in its conclusion intelligence necessary to manage time.

The Impact of quality management System in the level of the Quality of Accounting Information system

Auday S.AL-Battatt

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 183-212

The research aimed to improve the quality of accounting information system
by using some elements of quality management system (ISO9001 : 2008) as a sample of Iraqi Commercial Banks , The research depends on major Hypothesis that , (it is Expected to appear an effect which has statistical satisfaction to the elements of the quality management system on the major elements of accounting information system ) ,The research is use Questionnaire as a tool for collecting Data , The research reached to some results, The important one of them is the possibility of improving the accounting information system in relation to some elements of Quality management system ( ISO9001 : 2008 )

Improving Strategic Performance For Industrial Organization Within Application Of Environmental Manufacturing Strategies

Jarjey; Ahmed. S. M. AL

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 213-248

Rapid changes and intensive competence in the external environment led to the necessity of adapting organization with ,and oblige its requirement and reducing its effect .To keep organizations’ working and continuity , they have to response to its environment by taking social responsibilities through taking orders and strategies that provide requirements for protecting social and natural environment .
So, environment systems and its management , in addition to its efficiency and reflection on the organization activities, have got a great attention from researchers and authors , the improvement of the organization’s strategic performance is an important side that can be effected with that objects, the organizations commitment with the requirement of the environmental performance by adapting many strategies, like green manufacturing can improve its Strategic Performance through concentrating on some external & internal aspects, like organizational capabilities & resources, and working on its development & enhancement, in addition of its aims to achieve customer satisfaction & loyalty ,and its commitments to social responsibility .
So, the current study has default two very important subjects of the organizations represented by Green Manufacturing and Strategic Performance through its goal in identifying the role of the green manufacturing strategies In improving Strategic Performance, to investigate that , main and minor hypothesis have tested by analyzing responses of a sample of (37) heads in the researched organization about the expressed parts of the two research variable dimensions , collected by using questionnaire prepared for this purpose and reached to the existence of correlation & impact relationships between green manufacturing strategies and Strategic Performance dimensions ,up to providing a set of recommendations and suggestions for organizations in general and especially the researched ones .