ISSN: 9861-2076

Volume 3, Issue 5

Volume 3, Issue 5, Spring 2010, Page 1-149

Measuring the status of Capabilities of Basrah University and the horizons of improvement

Muslem A. Shebli

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 1-35

This paper aims at recognition of concern level in the abilities of Basrah university and its improvement process . The paper deals with university abilities through managerial and academic competency . In addition ,the paper extracts through studies group of factors which are contributing in measuring the building and improving of university abilities
These factors are classified into two types, the first one contributes directly in abilities building (human resources factors ), and the second contributes in abilities improvement and puts determinants on its competency (organizational , cultural , and environment factors).The paper depends on major hypothesis :" the building and the improvement of university abilities are established upon the concern level in all factors (human resources , organization structure ,institutional structure ,rules and laws ,university environment , university culture ,partnership )

The study domain is Basrah university, because it is the target of expected improvement in all aspects .A questionnaire from is developed to collect data where it contains seven major variables clarified by thirty six sections .Also ,five dimensions scalar is used for the purpose of measuring , while it is subjected to credibility and certainty tests . Moreover , arithmetic mean , standard deviation, t-test ,and identifying the concern levels . The analysis reveals many results ,the most important one is the measure ability by its variables and sections in measuring the influential factor on university abilities . The results emphasizes on the marginal factors of success which are contributing in building and improving abilities at Basrah university .The results indicate to the weakness of university response to those factors which resulted in its weak contributions in abilities building and improvement at the university .This of course , requires the concern in these factors through comprehensive strategy of human resources which contributes in the building and improving of university abilities.

The relationship between internal social capital and organization effectiveness from perspective of contextual performance

Amer A. Al Atawi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 36-69

This research presents a theoretical and empirical framework on the relationship between internal social capital and organization effectiveness from contextual performance perspective, according to manner show investment results of organizations in social resources on its level effectiveness. From a social capital perspective, the research examined effect of (structural dimension, relation dimension and cognitive dimension) on contextual performance and organization effectiveness. With data collection from sample of (122) employees in three of industrial organizations subordinate to Iraqi industry ministry, the researcher tested research hypotheses by using multiple regression analysis for mediator variable.

Messurment of customer satisfaction for product improving

Ammar A. Zween

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 70-97

The constantly changing customer tastes and desires and increase the complexity of the environment surrounding the organization and growing degree of competition the dark about the market and the varying characteristics, has made business organizations looking for ways and methods and procedures to retain customers, and customer satisfaction here is the fundamental objective and strategic goal, which aspires to achieve business organizations.
The biggest challenge facing business organizations in this area is difficult to measure customer satisfaction, and this difficulty shows that we are dealing with the tastes and desires of customers and their expectations of quality standards required in the product. Given the fact that measuring customer satisfaction is one of the themes of modern, traditional measures were used but most focused on measuring the customer, in this study were used one of the most important tools in this area a Kano’s model to measure the customer satisfaction about the company's product under study, since the Study the problem lies in not giving the subject of measuring customer satisfaction paramount importance by the Iraqi organization, has raised the following questions:
- What are the requirements that it wants in the product and customer satisfaction?
- What levels of product quality perceived by the customer?
- How to measure customer satisfaction through an effective tool in accordance with quality levels and requirements that the customer wants?
In order to achieve this design levels for customer satisfaction in accordance with the requirements posed by Kano’s model and for the purpose of improving the quality of the product has been reliable in completing the items on the theoretical framework and reference sources and literature relevant to the subject of study, in addition to previous studies. While the practical side has been accomplished by relying on techniques and tools, the following: (personal interviews, direct observation, a special questionnaire has been designed for this purpose), while the data were analyzed using a set of statistical indicators and statistical assistance program (SPSS V.15). Finally, the study found a set of conclusions and field theory, which has been invoked for a set of recommendations consistent with these conclusions.

classify the inventory according to (ABC)

Zainab S. Akar

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 98-115

The research aimed to classify the inventory according to (ABC) system، also to sccurate controlling on the inventory movement in order to reorganize and classify it in the state company of Iraqi ports، he study depends on the style of studying the case through shading of light on the real status of stock house in that company and how to control it by using the best economic methods which is represented in classification of (ABC)، Besides the research is going to determine the best way to control the contents of that classification، the research suggested some conclusions such as it would be necessary to use the system of control، the stock by using right records And directing the company toward perform the full system of performance evaluation،for each department، and on the level of the company as all.

the effect of Information Technology Alignment on performance of a sample taken from small business companies in Thi-Qar

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 116-149

The research aims at measuring the effect of Information Technology Alignment on performance of a sample taken from small business companies in Thi-Qar.In an attempt to get such purpose, the researcher made a referred and tested questionnaire .By using interaction approach the study results show that the company taken as a sample drive IT into supporting the strategic of the company production- oriented, quality- oriented and market- oriented respectively.Nevertheless,companies suffer from a shortcoming as for its using of IT strategically. For the purpose of separating companies that using IT strategically from those which do not; the research used cluster analysis and by using the analysis of variance ,results showed that companies using IT strategically were better in performance that those which did not take such course. The paper ended with the most important conclusion and recommendation by which the researcher thinks they may push forward towards strategic using for IT.