ISSN: 9861-2076

Volume 2, Issue 4

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2008, Page 1-224

the indicators of assurance of quality of higher education output

Ibrahem J. Al Akeedi

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 1-57

This research aims at developing applicable work goals and plans that help the state in economic of resources expensed on education and the establishment of students outputs in level of high quality and efficiency.

This study has done in a group of Jordanian universities which has managerial and economic specialist. The study supported at main hypotheses which say ( as obligation in the indicators of higher education inputs is done, it effects the assurance of quality of higher education inputs and its components ). More over the study is developed for the purpose of collecting the data group of tables which handle subjects of proving the hypotheses .The researcher has arrived to a collection of conclusions the more important of which is the considering of the budget between the master and scientific vocation and the importance of academic cooperative work in the success of the educational process.

the Japanies Program called (Human Adopted Program Productivity Improvement (HAPPI)in Management

Ghassan K. Dawood

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 58-103

The research aims to apply the Japanies Program called (Human Adopted Program Productivity Improvement (HAPPI)in Management which means (Improving the productively depending upon the human aspect) wich includes (20) axises. Each of them contains many items .the Enterprise of the Electrical Industries was choosen as application field for the research under consideration .because it is a leader one among the other which got certificate of ISO9001 and has the empition to compete with the foreign companies to gain the largest geographical territory and largest segment of customer .The research included four items. the first one talked about the terminology and the previous studies regarding the subject of the research .the second item was ducted to the acknowledgements framework and the third one for analyzing the results for the purpose of applying the axises of the program. the fourth item concluded many conclusions and recommendations some of them regarding the necessities of taking care with the field of the total quality management for the purpose of applying (HAPPI) Program which in turn will improve the production and productivity.

the methodological approch for immigreation strategic management in Iraq

Jwad K. Lafteh

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 104-148

The research tackles, through critical approach, the methodological problem of the controversial relationship between formulating the components of strategic orientation on one hand and the success or failure opportunities of the strategic policies of organizations in managing complex social phenomena such as immigration and internal displacement. The Ministry of Migration and Displacement has been chosen as a case study to examine its strategic orientation in the field as well as approaching its methodological in formulating the components of its strategic orientation and developing its strategic policy. The research attempts to establish a methodological concept of how to formulate a strategic orientation through theoretical and practical approaches for the main topics of the research and suggesting a creative methodological way for developing a mechanism for the management of the strategic orientation of the organization as well as suggesting practical solutions for dealing with the problems resulted from the official organizational structure for dealing with immigration and displacement in Iraq.

Financial Market : General Freamwork

Basher H. Aodah

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 149-194

The Financial sector is considered to be the cornerstone and the essential character of the economic activity in any country either the developed or the developing countries. The progressive role of this sector continued because of the nature of its components which represent the vital artery of the economic activities whether of the banking systems or the financial markets. However, the financial market, for its work mechanism, distinguishes from the financial sector institutions because it is the axis where all the financial activities and the other performances of the national economy rotate around its orbit. The banking institutions is the most important elements that the financial market depends on in the initial market issues operations ; while the contractual institutions , besides the stockholding companies and individuals, are of the most essential and most notable effective elements in the secondary currency markets.
We can say that the development of the financial market means the development of financial sector of the whole country, and then finding an essential base represents the nucleus from which the developing process and the aimed economical progress emerged.
Because of the financial market is a financial institution in which its functions progresses through considering it as a system by which the local and foreign capitals are gathered to fund and manage the developing investments of the state. Therefore the Arab countries ,the study sample, which their financial markets are indicated in the data base center of the Arab Monetary Fund, care to make the developing aim of their financial markets is to be in the front of the aims of which these markets has been established.

The production of electricity energy in Basrah

Huseen A. Al Ameri

Managerial Studies Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 195-224

Electricity is a peaceful energy that aims at enhancement of peace and national economy . It also represents the infrastcture of different contemporary human activities and play a standout role in the economical development process in most countries . There fore , electrical energy has increased attention during the last time because it is the most important civilization aspect , so we find the developed countries attend a development in electrical energy and variety in its resources . In spite of this , Iraq doesn't win a big attention in the production of Electricity but Iraqi community in general and Basrah community in particular remain suffering from the poor electricity energy . This bad situation of electricity attributed to the wars and the poor policies … etc. So these situations lead to the fallback in energy production in the country. As a result , all these has negative effects upon Iraqi and Basrah community, and then the stoppage time intensifies. The researcher concentrates on the following topics:
1- The paper methodical approach
2- Electrical energy product in Iraq.
3- Electrical energy product in Basrah .
4- Suggested means to improve the production of electrical energy.
5- Summary .